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We know how busy you become when organising a conference, training programme or other corporate event as we have lots of experience doing it ourselves! Let us find your venue while you focus on other things.

Ginkgo Events - Service offer
Give us a call

Give us a call or request a callback and tell us some details about your event.

Ginkgo Events - Service offer
We'll do the research

We'll do the research and look at a wide variety of venues to find those that suit your brief.

Ginkgo Events - Service offer
We'll check availability

We'll check availability, negotiate rates and make some provisional bookings to secure the venue.

Ginkgo Events - Service offer
We'll send a proposal

We'll send you details on the venues we recommend and give you a call to chat through your options.

We'll book visits to the venue for you to have a look around, if required. Once you've decided, we'll book your chosen venue, and they will send over a contract for you to sign. Yes that's right, we'll do all this for free!
We get a small commission from the venue so it really is a free service for our clients

We treat our clients with care - Ginkgo Events

We will secure you a venue

Free of charge.

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Our Services

We offer a FREE venue finding service to clients who have tight deadlines, little time to assess the suitability of the facilities of venues and who can clearly define what they need from a venue. We bring in years of experience in helping local and international organisations prepare and deliver successful events for their stakeholders.