Top 5 tips for a memorable conference.
How to make a lasting impact!

Do you want to make a lasting impact on your delegates of your next conference?

We have experienced hundreds of successful events at Ginkgo Events and we have compiled a list of ideas for making your conference truly memorable.

1) Ensure you have a simple and clear message overall and for each presentation. Don't be afraid to repeat the message. Think about how the message is presented - do you need to use powerpoint?

2) Choose a memorable venue. Find a venue that you haven't used before. It will be more memorable if it has some unique features - amazing architecture, fantastic views or uber chic decor perhaps? Make sure you choose a venue with enough space for networking. Consider the layout of the room carefully - can everyone see the presenter?

3) Include something experiential or interactive. Delegates will be much more engaged if they feel like they have been included and consulted. Could delegates get involved in the presentations? Perhaps actors or artists could be involved? Maybe you could ask delegates sign their name to show their commitment to the outcome or an aspect of the conference? The layout of the room would need to be considered carefully for anything interactive.

4) Keep those energy levels up! Think carefully about the food and refreshments provided - you don't want everyone falling asleep after a huge lunch. Plan regular breaks and offer a variety of snacks to suit all tastes. Is there some outside space where people can go to get some fresh air? 

5) Think carefully about take-aways Do you need to print out a copy of ALL of the slides, or could you create an overview of key points for delegates to take away? Could you provide something to remind delegates of the conference and the key messages? A key ring, a mug or a pen perhaps?

If you need any further advice or would like us to find a perfect and memorable venue for your next conference, do get in touch, we'd be happy to help!

Esther Podmore

Founder and Director

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How to make a lasting impact!
Top 5 tips for a memorable conference.

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